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Road Connectivity:~
       Cooch Behar district is blessed with numerous rivers, canals and beels crisscrossing throughout the length and breadth of the district. Floods occur almost every year. They cause lots of damage to existing roads and bridges every monsoon. Some of the villages of this district are still inaccessible during monsoon periods. No doubt demands for provisional rural connectivity always remain as the topmost agenda of our village folks. The District is supposed to live to the expectations of the people.

       As regards to Rural Connectivity, Cooch Behar District has always accorded utmost importance to any programme launched by the Government with regard to improving the rural connectivity in the district.

Implementation of PMGSY
       The PMGSY stands for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana. It is one of the components of the Bharat Nirman Programme. It is being implemented through Panchayats Bodies as a time-bound programme for rural connectivity. The PMGSY seeks to ensure that every habitation of 1000 population and above (500 in hilly and tribal areas) is provided with an all weather road. The implementation of the scheme is expected to generate the much needed to multiple effects in our rural area to boost rural economy by linking production to markets and services.

       At the time of launching the PMGSY scheme the district identified 679 unconnected habitations with 1000 plus population and about 658 no. of habitation with 500 plus population. The district has started with the target of covering the unconnected habitation with 1000 plus population to begin with. As on date the district has connected as many as about 300 nos. of 1000 plus habitation through a network of roads measuring about 652 km. involving 203 nos. of roads.

The following table shows the status of PMGSY Schemes :-



Year No. of Roads Length
(in Km.)
(in Rs. Lakh)
Phase - I 2000-01 18 67.9 907.79 Completed
Phase - II 2001-02 21 64.8 1200.83 Completed
Phase - III 2002-03 17 41.1 835.11 Completed
Phase - III Supl. 2003-04 6 50.0 1159.10 Completed
Phase - IV 2003-04 10 32.31 1037.71 Completed
Phase - V 2004-05 18 58.54 1399.96 13 Completed
Phase - VI 2005-06 24 74.48 2080.77 21 Completed
ADB assisted Batch- I 2006-07 10 30.55 899.98 Completed
ADB assisted Batch- II 2006-07 11 39.33 1043.91 6 Completed
Phase - VII 2007-08 34 76.66 182.36 Started
ADB assisted Batch - III 2008-09 34 116.35 0.00 Started
Total :  203 652.02 10747.52  

Implementation of schemes under PWD

       PWD, Cooch Behar Division has a jurisdiction over a total of 522.807 kms of State and District Roads. Out of this about 340.107 km are Bituminous Roads while the rest 182.70 km are non-bituminous. It also maintains 6 nos. of wooden bridges in between these roads. In addition to the roads, the PWD Cooch Behar Division looks after large number of Govt. Residential Buildings (Plinth Area-81225.65 sq. mt) and several non-residential Govt. Buildings (Plinth Area- 93671.57 sq. km). At present this department has taken up various construction works of buildings and bridges.

The following table shows the status of important ongoing bridges schemes under PWD 2009-10 :-

Name of the Work Project Cost
(in Rs. Lakh)
Target Date
of Completion
Source of Fund Remarks
Const. of Sutunga Bridge, Mathabhanga 500.38 March 2011 State Plan Work in progress
Administrative Building cum Residential Quarter for district Excise office, Cooch Behar 101.72 March 2011 4059 - State Plan At present 40.90 lakhs received out of which 90% work completed
Criminal court Building at Tufanganj 112.96 March 2011 4059 - Capital Outlay At present 40.00 lakhs sanctioned out of which 60% work completed
Two pump Station at Mathabhanga 144.92 - 30 Lakhs from BADP at present Work of 30 lakhs completed
Widening and strengthening of Mekhliganj Dhapra Road 972.26 - RIDF - XV  Tender invited
Const. of RCC bridge over river Saniajan at Kangratali, Mekhliganj 796.92 - 5054 - State Plan   Tender invited
Const. of RCC bridge over river Saniajan at Bakdogra -Fulkadabri Road, Mekhliganj 673.95 - 5054 - State Plan   Tender invited

Implementation of schemes under PWD, Highway Division

       The present jurisdiction of PWD, Highway Division, Cooch Behar includes repair and maintenance of roads covering 353 km. spread throughout the four subdivision of the district. At present the department has taken up the maintenance and repair of 8 nos. of major schemes funded under RIDF-XV, UUP including that of under the Core Plan 2009-10.

The following table shows the status of ongoing works of PWD, Highway Division, Cooch Behar.

Head Name of Work Length of Project Tentative Cost of Project Present Status
RIDF - XV Widening and Strengtrengthening of Tufanganj - Balabhut road  12.000 Kmp 596.77 Lakh Sanction received recently
Widening and Strengtrengthening of Dinhata - Gitaldaha Road 12.700 Kmp 507.52 Lakh Sent to NABARD for sanction
CORE PLAN 2009-10 Strengtrengthening and Improvement of existing carraigeway of Chengrabandha - Mathabhanga - Coochbehar Road ( SH - 12 A ) from 18-31 km to 40-44 km 17 kmp 668.89 Lakh Sanction has been received recently
Improvement and Strengthening of Mathabhanga - Coochbehar Road from Nishiganj to Cooch behar 22 kmp 900 Lakh Sanction awaited from Finance Department
Widening and Strengtrengthening of Premerdanga -  Goskadanga road 8 kmp 331.90 Lakh Sanction has been received recently
RIDF / UUP Improvement of Existing Earthen / Gravel Road to Bituminous carraigeway road from Dhulia to Sarohati 8.75 kmp 137.82 Lakh 70% completed
Strengthening of road From Bhanukumari Road to Jalpaiguri Border via Bakla Bazar 12 kmp 131.30 Lakh 40% completed
Improvement of Existing  Gravel Road to Bituminous  road from nazirhat to Balarampur 7 kmp 111.99 Lakh 100% completed  

Rural Infrastructure Development through RIDF Funds
       The concept of Integrated Rural Dev. necessarily calls for focused attention towards infrastructure development in rural areas. The RIDF stands for Rural Infrastructure Development Fund. It was launched by Govt. of India in 1995-96.It seeks to supplement the investment made by the state Govt. by providing loan from NABARD for rural infrastructure developments. The P&RD however began to participate in RIDF w.e.f. (2000-2001) onwards. Allocation for the district as made by the Finance Department of the State are communicated to the Z.P. by the P&RD department. The Zilla Parishad accordingly conceives or formulates and then submits the scheme as a part of different level plan to the P&RD dept. The NABARD finally approves the schemes as may be forwarded by the Finance dept. through its routine perusal and scrutiny. As on 2009-10 the Zilla Parishad has been able to participate in as many as 7 (seven) nos. of RIDF trenches beginning with the VI trench wef (2000-2001). Funds under RIDF has mainly been utilized for construction of rural roads and bridges uncovered by the PMGSY. Secondly a huge amount of RIDF fund has been used to develop rural markets throughout district. Under RIDF-VI schemes to develop some social rural infrastructure in terms of two storied school buildings, flood rescue centers and construction of Anganwadi Centres have been completed. Moreover, RIDF fund has also been utilized for developing agricultural infrastructure through schemes like Sinking of Shallow Tube Wells (STW), Installation of mini River Lift Irrigation (RLI).

Trench Name of the Scheme Fund Sanctioned
(Rs. in Lakh)
Fund Received
(Rs. in Lakh)
Fund Utilised
(Rs. in Lakh)
RIDF - VI Rural Road - 3 nos.
RCC Bridge - 5 nos.
 1926.33 1690.38 1697.57 8 nos. of Schemes; schemes completed and PCR sent for 7 nos. of schemes; PCR not submitted for 1 no. of scheme.
RIDF - VII M.I. Sector
STW(D) - 240 nos.
MDTW - 8 nos.
MRLI - 9 nos.
Social Sector
Const. of 2 storied Pry. school - 200 nos.
& single storied Pry. school - 20 nos.
FRC in Pry. school - 100 nos.
AWC - 768 nos.
3440.23 3056.64 177.20

PCR submitted for
AWC 754
FRC 91
Single storied Pry. School - 8
2 storied Pry. School 164
STW 240
MDTW 8 (Abandoned)
RIDF - XII Const. of 5 nos. of Market Complex 123.44 58.99 58.99 Work under Progress
RIDF - XIII Const. of 5 nos. of Market Complex and 4 nos. of rural Roads 765.45 494.35 494.35 Work under Progress
RIDF - XV 6 nos. of Rural Roads 736.39 368.20 110.45 Work under Progress
3 nos. of Agriculture Market Yard 268.65 80.6 12.08 Work under Progress

Infrastructure Development through UUP Funds
       Cooch Behar being a backward district with more than 50% SC population and more than 25% minority population has always attracted investment of substantial amount of UUP funds for the development of the district. Most of schemes as priorities by the district are being implemented by various lying departments chiefly being by the Cooch Behar Zilla Parishad. The district has been able to effectively utilize UUP funds in time bound manner due to which the has a major recipients of UUP fund on regular basis.

The following shows status of implementation of UUP schemes during last five years in the district :-

Sl. no. Name of the year Fund Sanctioned Fund Utilised Schemes taken on
1. 2005-2006 1247.04 Lakh 1240.78 Lakh 84
2. 2006-2007 696.89 Lakh 696.89 Lakh 69
3. 2007-2008 577.44 Lakh 554.77 Lakh 75
4. 2008-2009 862.93 Lakh 853.52 Lakh 57
5. 2009-2010 927.89 Lakh 561.59 Lakh 70

Infrastructure Development through BADP Funds
       Cooch Behar district has 396 km long International Border with Bangladesh involving 8 blocks. Funds under BADP are being received by the district every year for the development of infrastructure in border areas. Since inception the district has been able to create substantial number of infrastructure particularly in the border villages of the district with the help of BADP funds.

The following shows status of implementation of BADP schemes during last five years in the district :-

Sl. no. Name of the year Fund Sanctioned Fund Utilised Schemes taken on
1. 2005-2006 33540440 33540440 20
2. 2006-2007 59084625 59084625 49
3. 2007-2008 99992137 99992137 73
4. 2008-2009 103715000 92055000 68
5. 2009-2010 83248688 9003143 44

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