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 Long Distance Buses from & arriving at NBSTC Bus Terminus or Central Bus Terminus, Cooch Behar

Bus Services  FROM  Cooch Behar

 DestinationDeptt. Time
Raiganj (Express)>5:00
Medical (Siliguri) (Express)>5:30
Siliguri (Express)>5:50
Jiaganj (Express)>6:15
Siliguri (Express)>6:45
Siliguri (Express)>7:00
Balurghat (Express)>7:30
Siliguri (Express)>8:00
Malda (Express)>8:30
Siliguri (Express)>8:45
Muzaffarpur (alternate days)>9:00
Siliguri (Rocket)>9:30
Guwahati (Deluxe/alternate days)>9:30
Bagdogra (Express)>10:00
Siliguri (Express)>10:30
Siliguri (Rocket)>11:00
Kolkata (Express)>11:30
Siliguri (Express)>13:00
Siliguri (Express)>13:30
Ranaghat (Express)>13:45
Kolkata (Rocket)>14:00
Karimpur (Express)>14:00
Siliguri (Express)>14:40
Siliguri (Express)>15:10
Balurghat (Express)>15:30
Muzaffarpur (Express)>16:00
Siliguri (Express)>16:10

Bus Services  FROM  Cooch Behar

 DestinationDeptt. Time
Tejpur (Rocket / alternate days)>17:30
Malda (Express)>18:00
Guwahati (Deluxe)>19:00
Muzaffarpur (alternate days)>19:00
Balurghat (Rocket)>19:30
Beharmpur (Rocket)>19:30
Raiganj (Rocket)>23:00

Bus Services  TO (reaching)  Cooch Behar



Arrival Time

Gangarampur- Dhubri (Rocket)>00:10
Raiganj- Cooch Behar (Rocket)>5:00
Siliguri- Baxirhat (Down)>6:45
Raigaj- Cooch Behar (Express)>10:30
Jalpaiguri- Cooch Behar (Express)>13:00
Jalpaiguri- Cooch Behar - Siliguri (Express)


Siliguri- Cooch Behar (Express)>14:30
Siliguri- Dinhata (Express)>15:10
Krishnanagar- Cooch Behar (Express)


Siliguri- Dhubri (Express)>16:10
Balurghat- Cooch Behar (Express)>17:00
Malda- Cooch Behar (Express)>18:00

Long Distance MINI-Bus Services at Birendra Chandra Dey Sarkar Bus Terminus, Cooch Behar
Destination Time
Siliguri After every 10 minutes gap from 4:00a.m. to 11:15a.m.
Siliguri After every 25 minutes gap from 11:30a.m. to 6:15p.m.
Jaigaon After every 30 minutes gap from 5:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Dhubri After every 20 minutes gap from 5:00a.m. to 6:15p.m.

Bongaigaon via Gosaigaon 5:00a.m. Bongaigaon via Gosaigaon 5:20a.m.
Bongaigaon via Gosaigaon 5:40a.m. Bongaigaon via Gosaigaon 7:15a.m.
Bongaigaon via Gosaigaon 1:00p.m.
Kokrajhar via Gosaigaon 10:30a.m. Kokrajhar via Gosaigaon 11:35a.m.
Dotma via Gosaigaon 12:30p.m. Sapatgram via Gosaigaon 1:40p.m.
Goalpara via Baxirhat 6:30a.m. Bongaigaon via Baxirhat 6:50a.m.
Guwahati via Baxirhat 7:00a.m. Guwahati via Baxirhat 6:00p.m.
Dhudhnai via Baxirhat 10:30a.m.
Bongaigaon via Baxirhat 10:35a.m. Bongaigaon via Baxirhat 11:30a.m.
Bongaigaon via Baxirhat 12:30p.m. Bongaigaon via Baxirhat 1:30p.m.
Barpeta Road via Baxirhat 11:45a.m. Barpeta Road via Baxirhat 1:00p.m.
Barpeta Road via Bijni 12:00 noon
Goalpara via Baxirhat 1:20p.m. Goalpara via Baxirhat 2:35p.m.
Bilasipara via Baxirhat 2:25p.m. Bilasipara via Baxirhat 3:25p.m.
Guwahati via Baxirhat

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