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      Cooch Behar, an Industrially Backward District, has undergone a tremendous growth in Industrial Development in last years. A sizable no of Industries have been set up in the District which are not only quantitative but definitely qualitative. In fact the District has shown the highest growth amongst the Districts of North Bengal. A few units which are set up in the District are not only first of their type in North Bengal but some are of the first in the Eastern India. We have the most sophisticated Haldia Down Stream Projects in Cooch Behar. Units for Unconventional and Industrially used products are now being set up in the District. Cold Drawing Steel Plant, Casting Units, Modern Jute Mills are in operation / implementation in the District. As regards food processing units we have set up 3 mechanised bread units, and the biggest Fruit Processing unit have been commissioned in the District. Out of the 5 existing cold storages the capacity of two are being augmented and four unit cold storage are being implemented working on day-night basis to catch the ensuing harvesting season. What–so-more, Cooch Behar will be the first District to set up a few ultra modern Multi-purpose cold storages to be operative in near future.

Possibility of new Industries

Being the Agri. based district, Cooch Behar produces a good quality of potato, jute, tomato, chilly, carrot, cabbage, peas, pineapple, etc. Presently we are having 10 nos. of Cold Storage (potato); 1 multi-purpose cold storage has also started its operation recently. The total rated capacity of those potato stores is 123017 MT.

Hence food processing industries like manufacturing of chips, sauce, jam, jelly etc. have a very good potential.


The annual production of potato of this district is near about 55,000 MT and the production of chilly is about 52,000 MT annually. These surplus production are exported to outside the state upto U.P. & Delhi. Food processing units preparing tomato & chilly based products like sauce, peuri, paste, pickles and dust can be set up here.


District production of jute is about 5,17,000 bales. At present only 2 manufacturing units are operating and producing various jute based products. Since the availability of raw materials are there, many other manufacturing units can thus be set up for jute yarn dying & bleaching, jute mat, other jute diversified products, jute particle board etc. 


The annual production of tobacco and potato are very high compared to the demand of the district. Hence there is scope for setting up of more multi-purpose cold storage for storing of surplus production.


There is ample demand for plastic products like PVC casing, plastic sheets, plastic toys, PVC pipes, moulded plastic items, etc. So plastic based manufacturing units have ample opportunities in this area.


Scope foe Biodiesel : One unit namely M/s. Titagarh Biotec (P) Ltd., Kolkata has applied for 24 acres of land on long term settlement basis for starting a nursery for Jatropha plants. This plant is used for the manufacture of Biodiesel besides other things. It requires barren land and climatic environment for which this region suits best for its growth.


Status Report on Agriculture of Cooch Behar
in connection to surplus agriculture product & prospect
  Name of the CropCoverage
during 2004-2005
(in hector)
(in MT.)


1.Jute47,0005,17,000 (bales)
[1 bale=181 Kg]
June, JulyAround Kolkata
2.Potato19,6504,32,300Feb. - MarchAssam
     (a) Jati (
Smoking type)
     (b) Motihari (
Chewing type)
Total :




A. P.
Assam, Orissa, Bihar
4.Tomato (Hybrid)3,05054,900Jan. - AprilU. P., Delhi
5.Green Chilly8,00052,000Throughout the yearU. P., Delhi

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Cooch Behar Industrial Growth Center
(Cooch Behar - II Block, Cooch Behar district, West Bengal)


Case Study of successful entrepreneurs

    1. M/s. Deepa Casing Pvt. Ltd.  (check-out)
    2. M/s. Poddar Food Products Pvt. Ltd.


WBIIDC has acquired 131.0315 acres of land at Chakchaka at a distance of 4 K.Ms from the district town . Industrial area has the requisite facilities such as power, water inter-linked roads etc. A few industries which are setup in the district are not only first of their type in this area but some are the first in the North Bengal also which are sited below :-

Type of Industry Total no. of units in operation at
(in lakhs)
 Food Processing 08 514.73
 Plastic & HPCL Down Stream 07 284.77
 Jute Based Gen. Engineering 02
 Others (cold storage,
 herbal product, fertilizer, etc.)
03 522.26

Chakchaka Growth Center

Various Factory Sheds at the Chakchaka Growth Center

Plastic unit ( electrical-wire casing )

Food processing unit ( jam & pickles )

Case study of a successful entrepreneur in Plastic Processing

Finished Products at M/s. Deepa Casing (Pvt.) Ltd.

M/s. Deepa Casing Private Limited

This unit was started on 20th March of 2004 at the WBIIDC Growth Center. It manufactures electrical casing and capping and conduit pipes. Raw materials that is PVC Resin and Calcium Carbonate are being procured from Reliance Industries Limited , IPCL Gujrat, Finolex India. Within one year of production the venture has got a good market share in the entire North Bengal parallel to Assam, Nagaland and Meghalaya. Total annual production capacity of the unit presently is about 300 MT.

    Prop. - Dipak Munda [9434064919 (mobile no.)]

Case study of a successful entrepreneur in Food Processing

Inside view of M/s. Poddar Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd.

M/s. Poddar Food Products Private Limited

This unit has started production on 1st July 2003 at the Industrial Growth Center, Cooch Behar . It manufactures a versatile food products right from fruit juice, different variety of pickles to canned food product. The raw materials like tomato and chilly etc. are procured from this district and adjacent area like Bhutan. This is a project of 2.51 crores and an annual capacity of 3000MT . In the last financial year it procured 30MT of tomato, 75MTs of carrots, 200MTs of green mangoes and almost 15MTs of green chilly and got a sales output of Rs.54.00 lacks from various product of Sauce, Jam, Jelly, Ketchup, Pickle, Canned juice etc.

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