Name of the Department : Fisheries Department, Cooch Behar

Fisheries Department works to increase fish production by optimum utilization of all water bodies, to create infrastructure for post harvest management, to develop an enabling eco-system for adoption of scientific pisciculture, to strive for socio- economic uplift of the fishermen at large and to ensure availability of fish at affordable cost to the masses and to disseminate scientific knowledge about improved techniques of pisciculture by imparting hands-on training to farmers.

Fisheries Resources of Cooch Behar :
Description Number
Total nos. of water bodies (GIS based Mapping, 2015) : 62306
No. of water bodies under pisciculture (5 Katha and above) : 45216
Area of water bodies under pisciculture (5 Katha and above) : 7925 ha
Total nos. of Fish Seed Hatcheries : 25
Fish Feed Mill : 1
Small Ice plant : 19
Wholesale Fish Market : 28
Retail Fish Market : 117
No. of fishermen families in the district : 30619


Fish Production & Demand :
2014-15 21280 51658
2015-16 21918 52376
2016-17 22975 53104
2017-18 23402 53982
2018-19 23908 54591
2019-20 25868 55041
2020-21 27200 57794


Fish Seed Production & Requirement :
YEAR Production (million) Requirement (million)
2018-19 893 657
2019-20 920 670
2020-21 947 732
2021-22 1098 798

Fish Seed Production & Requirement :

Address : Meen Bhaban, Sarada Devi Road, Cooch Behar, Pin-736101

E-mail: adfcoochbehar[at]gmail[dot]com

Office Phone Number: (03582)222384

Activities/ Services provided by the department :

  1. Implementation of different types of Social Fisheries Schemes.
  2. Distribution of Bi-cycle and insulated box for development of Cold Chain System.
  3. Distribution of Nets & Hundies among the fish farmers and Fishermen’s Co-operative Societies.
  4. Fishermen Old age Pension under Jai Bangla Scheme.
  5. Implementation of Matsya Jeebi Credit Card.
  6. Implementation of Banga Matsya Yojona-BMY Scheme.
  7. Imparting training at different level to the fish farmers for adaptation of scientific pisciculture.
  8. Leasing out Govt. Water bodies under Fisheries Department for utilization and bringing all water bodies under pisciculture.
  9. Scientific pisciculture in ponds excavated under MGNREGA in Convergence mode.
  10. Accreditation of Fish Seed Hatcheries
  11. Promotion of Air-Breathing fish culture and species diversification
  12. Production of Big Fish in Big Water Bodies
  13. Implementation of “Moina Model” scheme
  14. Liberation of Guppy Fish in drains/canals/wet lands etc. For control Vector Borne Diseases.
  15. Livelihood generation of SHG through scientific pisciculture.
  16. Monitoring & management of Fishermen’s Co-operative Societies
  17. Liberation of IMC fish fingerlings in rivers under River Ranching scheme.
  18. Integrated Fish Farming with Horticulture and ARD.
List Schemes/ Services offered by the department :
Sl No. Name of Scheme/ Service Benefits under the scheme How to apply (website to apply)
1. Pisciculture in ponds excavated under Jal Dharo Jal Bharo scheme 

IMC Fingerlings-1000 Nos.

Lime-20 Kg

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
2. Production of big size fish in big water bodies

IMC Fish Seed (250g)-7500 Nos.

Lime-500 kg

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
3. Replication of Moina Model

IMC Fish Seed (150g)-12000 No.

Lime-500 kg

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
4. Distribution of IMC Fingerlings in small water Bodies under Social Fisheries Scheme

IMC Fingerlings-1000 Nos.

Lime-30 Kg

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
5. Distribution of bi-cycles with insulated boxes

Bi-cycle-1 No.

Insulated Box-1 No.

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
6. Distribution of Net & Hundi to individual

Cast Net-1 No.

Hundi-1 No.

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
7. Distribution of Net & Hundi to PFCS

Drag Net-2 Nos.

Hundies-5 Nos.

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
8. Construction of Eco hatchery and portable hatchery 1 no. Eco-hatchery Apply through GP/PS/ZP
9. Implementation of District, Block & GP Level Training to Fish Farmers 4-days Training Programme at different level Apply through GP/PS/ZP

Brood stock of IMC management for quality seed production

Brooders-136 kg, Lime-45 kg,

CIFA Brood Feed-270 kg,

Aerator-1 No.

Apply through GP/PS/ZP
11. Air-breathing fish culture

Deshi Magur seed – 1200 nos.

Lime-25 kg

Apply through GP/PS/ZP

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