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Cooch Behar district is situated in the north-east corner of West Bengal state of India. It is bounded by the district of Jalpaiguri in the north and north-west, state of Assam in the east (bounded by the districts of Kokrajhar & Dhubri in Assam) and the International Border in the form of Indo-Bangladesh boundary in the south and south-west. Beside this bounded area there are enclaves (called Chhits) which are outlying and detached tracts of land situated inside Bangladesh. There are 110 such Chhits.

District Headquarter : Cooch Behar town
Nearest Rail station : New Cooch Behar
Nearest Bus terminus : Central Bus Terminus
(Rajbari Bus Terminus – near Bhavani cinema hall)

Before 20th August 1949, Cooch Behar was a Princely State ruled by the ‘Koch’ Kings of Cooch Behar, who had been a feudatory ruler under British Government. By an agreement dated 20th August, 1949 the king of Cooch Behar ceded full and extensive authority, jurisdiction and power of the state to the Dominion Government of India. The transfer of administration of the state to the Govt. of India came into force on 12th September, 1949.

Eventually, Cooch Behar was transferred and merged with the province of West Bengal on 19th January, 1950 and from that date Cooch Behar emerged as a new District in the administrative map of West Bengal. However, the district of Cooch Behar had been created with the same area and boundaries as the old state of Cooch Behar. In course of time, Cooch Behar has been transformed from a kingdom to a State and from a State to the present status of a district.

Address :

Tourist Information Centre
Zillaparishad Atithi Nibas
(at Kachari More near Sagar Dighi)
Cooch Behar – 736101

Contact :

Mr. Partha Dutta (ATO)
Phone : (03582) 231527

Since the majority of the population is Hindu, this is a pious land with numerous temples. The most notable among these is the Madan Mohan Bari. Visit Madan Mohan exclusive and also visit other following religious spots :

Tourist Spots of Cooch Behar
Sl. No. Spots Situated in
1. Baradebi Bari Cooch Behar town
2. Brahmo Mandir Cooch Behar town
3. Dangar Ayee Temple Cooch Behar town
4. Siddheswari Kali Bari Cooch Behar town
5. Kamteswari Temple Gosanimari
6. Madan Mohan Temple Mathabhanga town
7. Siddhanath Siva Temple Dhaluabari
8. Madhupur Dham Temple Madhupur
9. Baneswar Siva Temple Baneswar
10. Ardhanariswar Temple  Baneswar

Other tourist spots are Rasik Beel , Tinbigha , Dooars

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