Name of the Department /Section 

MGNREGA, Cooch Behar

Introduction to the Department:

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act enhanced livelihood security in rural areas by providing at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial year to every household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work.

Activity and function of the department/Section:

  1. Preparation of Annual Action Plan for taking shelf of schemes for creating need based durable assets in the Panchayat level.
  2. Estimate preparation for the schemes by the technical experts and approval of such schemes for execution at the PIA level.
  3. Generating work demands for the rural households.
  4. Monitoring & Supervision of the ongoing scheme for better execution at field level.
  5. Guaranteed wage to the household @ Rs. 223/- per day for working under NREGA.
  6. Inspection & Monitoring by the Block and District level monitoring teams for maintaining quality and quantity of executed works in the field level.
  7. Grievance Redressal for the complaints received from any level.
  8. Creating major durable assets under permissible work list, like-
  •  Construction of rural roads for better connectivity in the rural areas.
  •  Construction of Bundh for protection of river embankment.
  •  Construction of AWC/Rural Hats/Crematorium etc.
  •  Different Individual Benefit Schemes like Vermi/Nadep Compost, Soakpit with Tubewell platform, Farm Pond, Horticulture plantation schemes for enhancement of rural livelihood.
List Schemes/ Services offered by the department:
Sl. No. Name of Scheme/ Service Benefits under the scheme Filled sample Form How to apply (website to apply)/Given blank application form if offline
1. 100 days work Rural households

Offline 4-A form available at GP Office or in white paper.

Apply at Gram Panchayat Office

Awards if Any

  1. State Award for Best performance in MGNREGA programme implementation for FY 2015-16
  2. National Award for Best GEO-MGNREGA District for FY 2016-17
  3. National Award for Effective Implementation of MGNREGA for the FY 2017-18
  4. National Award for Effective Implementation of MGNREGA for the FY 2018-19
  5. National Award for Skoch Order of Merit in 2018
  6. National Award for Skoch Order of Merit in 2021

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