Social Welfare

Name of the Department: Department of Women & Child Development and Social Welfare

The Department of Women Development and Social Welfare works towards the protection, equity and inclusion of populations that have been historically oppressed, neglected or excluded from development because of their gender, age, disability or situation. This includes women, senior citizens and other marginalized populations such as persons with disabilities, transgender persons, homeless persons and persons with drug / alcohol addiction.

The Department’s work has evolved along with the evolution of women’s rights. With a strong foundation laid by women specific laws, policies and schemes at the national and state level, the department is concentrating its energies on a critical demographic sector – adolescent girls.

  1. ADM in Charge : Shri. Ravi Ranjan, IAS
  2. Officer In Charge Social Welfare Section: Shri. Rajdeep Shankar Gautam (WBCS Exe.)
  3. District Social Welfare Officer: Shri. Ranajit Natta (WBJSWS)
  4. District Programme Officer ICDS: Shri. Harekrishna Roy (WBJSWS)
  5. District Child Protection Officer: Shri. Snehasis Choudhury

E-mail: socialwelfare[dot]cbr[at]gmail[dot]com

Office Phone Number: 0358 2227103 / 03582226604

Address: Office of the District Magistrate, Sagar Dighi Complex Cooch Behar-736101.

Activities/ Services provided by the department

  • Kanyashree Prakalpa,
  • Rupashree
  • Laxmir Bhandar
  • Old Age Pension
  • Widow Pension
  • Manabik Pension ( Pension for Person with Disability)
  • CPS ( Child Protection Scheme)
  • Swadhar Greh
  • Cottage Scheme
List Schemes/ Services offered by the department :
Sl No. Name of Scheme/ Service Benefits under the scheme Filled Sample form How to apply (website to apply)

Kanyashree Prakalpa

Kanyashree Annual Scholarship of Rs. 1000/- is for girls who are between the ages of 13 and 18 years, the one-time grant of Rs. 25,000/- is for girls who are between the ages 

Kanyashree K1 Form (204 KB)

Kanyashree K2 Form (6489 KB)

Apply through School

Kanyashree K1 Form given as “Annexure A1”

Kanyashree K2 Form given as “Annexure A2”

2. Rupashree Prakalpa  One-time financial grant of Rs. 25,000 for economically stressed families at the time of their adult daughters’ marriages  

 Apply at BDO Office ( For Rural Areas)

Apply at SDO Office ( For Municipalities)

Rupashree Form given as “Annexure B1”


Laxmir Bhandar

Female household who do not have any of the sources of income to carry on their livelihood.Rs.500 per month will be given to the families of General Caste Category & Rs.1000 per month will be given to the female heads of the SC and ST Caste categories for their individual income support.  

Apply at Duare sarkar Camp of concerened area.

Laxmi Bhandar Form given as “Annexure C-1”


Old Age Pension


Social security is extended through Old Age Pensions @ Rs 1000/- per month . Eligibility: The person has attained the age of sixty years and is a resident of the State. Apply at BDO Office ( For Rural Areas)  

Apply at SDO Office ( For Municipalities)


Widow Pension


The Government of WB provides financial assistance to the widows through widow pension plan. The recipient gets Rs. 1000 / month. The pension is transferred to the account of the recipient directly. Apply at BDO Office ( For Rural Areas)  

Apply at SDO Office ( For Municipalities)


Manabik Pension

(Pension for Person with Disability)

All the beneficiaries under the erstwhile West Bengal Disability Pension Scheme, 2010 and “Manabik” Pension Scheme, now merged as “Manabik” under the “Jai Bangla Scheme, 2020”, will receive a pension amounting to Rs. 1000 (Rupees One thousand) per month .  

Apply at BDO Office ( For Rural Areas)

Apply at SDO Office ( For Municipalities)


CPS (Child Protection Service)


To institutionalize essential services and strengthen structures for emergency outreach, institutional care, family and community based care, counselling and support services at the national, regional, state and district levels; To enhance capacities at all levels, of all functionaries including, administrators and service providers, members of allied systems including, local bodies, police, judiciary and other concerned departments of State Governments to undertake responsibilities under the ICPS; To create database and knowledge base for child protection services, including MIS and child tracking system in the country for effective implementation and monitoring of child protection services; Undertake research and documentation; To strengthen child protection at family and community level, create and promote preventive measures to protect children from situations of vulnerability, risk and abuse; To ensure appropriate inter-sectoral response at all levels, coordinate and network with all allied systems; To raise public awareness, educate public on child rights and protection on situation and vulnerabilities of children and families, on available child protection services, schemes and structures at all levels.
8. SWADHAR GREH  The Department of Women and Child Development & Social Welfare is implementing the Swadhar Greh Scheme run by New Bharati Club, Baneshwar which targets the distress women of difficult circumstances who are in need of institutional support for short time or may long time and ensure their effective rehabilitation so that they could lead their life with dignity    


The programme includes ameliorative services of food, shelter, clothing, medical attention and curative services of education, prevocational and vocational training, vocational guidance, recreation and cultural development and citizenship education. It is an effort to make the children grow up as responsible citizen and job worthy. Government of West Bengal has worked out arrangements for institutionalizing these destitute children under ‘Cottage Scheme’. The programme consists of providing assistance in the form of capitation grants to the existing voluntary organizations active in the field of child welfare. The recurring and nonrecurring expenditure is borne by the organizations running cottage homes. The Institution is entrusted with a number of units of 25 children each separately for boys and girls from 0 to 18 years. One house mother is present for a unit of 25 children and a trained social worker is present both for offering case work services as well as supervision. Home for boys under Cottage Scheme is run by Trinity Society in Cooch Behar.   For more details please visit: cottage/concept_note_on_cottage_scheme.pdf


Hon’ble MIC, WCD & SW Department conferred the Award for extraordinary performing District on disposal of Kanyashree Prakalpa on 14/08/2021 (Kanyashree Divas) held at Kolkata.

Prize Receiving